About Shiraz university of medical sciences, school of rehabilitation sciences
The school of rehabilitation is a recognized leader in the education of allied health providers in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
This school was established in 1977. At first it offered associated degree of physical therapy and later bachelor of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy .in addition today it offers Master of Science in both physical therapy, sport physical therapy and Ph.D. in physical therapy.
The mission of the School is to train healthcare professionals to meet the needs of Fars province population and communities in the rest of the country. In addition to providing outstanding professional education, we also strive to position ourselves as leaders of rehabilitation research. Graduates of this school are leaders in their fields who use their knowledge of advanced techniques to rehabilitate their patients.
degree programs:
undergraduate students
undergraduate students at shiraz school of rehabilitation , graduate with practice and leadership skills in one of the fields of Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology and are ready for opportunities in advanced in advanced practice , education and research. Also, there are opportunities for the undergraduate students to do some research in the major fields of Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology.
Currently, over 354 students enrolled for undergraduate programs in this school and about 1050 have graduated science1977.
Master of science program in physical therapy and sport physical therapy
The M.S. program offered by the Shiraz school of rehabilitation sciences, prepares licensed physical therapists and sport physical therapists for expanded role in research, teaching and professional practice. This program requires students to have a bachelor of science in physical therapy.
MS students can select one of the following concentrations for their research:
·         Biomechanics of human motion
·         Kinesiology and exercise therapy
·         Motor control and electrophysiology
·         Neurorehabilitation
·         Sport physical therapy
·         Electrotherapy
·         manual therapy
Now, over 50 students enrolled for MS programs in this school and about 69 have graduated in the mentioned fields.
Doctoral  (Ph.D.) program in physical therapy
This program is committed to prepare leaders in the profession of physical therapy that can serve as change agents in the profession, to address health issues through the life span, negotiate/advocate services for clients, educate clients and students, consult with organizations, and contribute to the profession through research.
Each student selects a focus area based on their physical therapy background, interests and goals. The focus area provides a broad structure for the student’s individualized course of study. Courses from physical therapy and other basic sciences offer options for tailoring the program of study to a student’s particular focus area. Each student must identify a dissertation topic and work closely with a faculty mentor for research programs.
Physical therapy department:
Established in 1977, the Department of Physical Therapy has been preparing students to be highly competent and compassionate professionals .This department was established in 1977. At first it offered associated degree of physical therapy and later bachelor of physical therapy. The Master of Science and Ph.D in physical therapy was established in 1990 and 2008 respectively.
This department embraces learning, discovery and engagement in order to achieve the goal of helping individuals, groups and communities achieve healthy lives.
Our School has a proud history of outstanding teaching and research as we seek to address many of the critical challenges facing society today.
The school staff have been recognized for their quality of teaching in a number of categories such as:
Kinesiology and Biomechanics
Motor Control
Orthopedic physical therapy.
Manual therapy
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