Founded in 2005, the Rehabilitation Research Center of the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences  is one of a few select rehabilitation and motion analysis labs in Iran. The motion laboratory of the center  is equipped with a Qualisys motion analysis system (8 cameras), ground embedded kistler force platform to gather high quality and comprehensive three-dimensional analysis of all human movements.  This world class facility is the only one of its type in motion analysis technology and is dedicated to providing applied research, scientific support and consultancy opportunities across a wide variety of patient groups and active populations. The laboratory is used to investigate movements across all aspects of health and clinical research, and researchers are actively involved in collaborations with Rehabilitation Research Center and external partners to investigate new and innovative areas relating to movement analysis.  

Areas of interest:

Thematic 1 : Clinical sciences

Thematic 2 : Sport sciences

Thematic 3: Biomechanics

Thematic 4: Neurorehabilitation

Available equipments:

·        Gait Analysis System (Qualysis,Sweden)

     Eight camera high speed Motion Analysis



·        ME6000 - Telemetry EMG(Mega electronics Ltd.Finland)

 A 16 channel Mega telemetered EMG system



·        Kistler force plate


Piezoelectric  ground embedded kistler  force plate



·        Biodex multi-joint system


System 4 Pro with motorized seat height, front-to-back chair adjustment, fully assisted dynamometer height adjustment, and side-to-side adjustment

           Attachments: Ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hip



·        Gait Analysis System (MIE Medical Research Ltd,UK)


          The MIE Gait Analysis System is a unique and economical system providing     

           instantaneous analysis of gait which can be used anywhere          



·        Digital Multi-Myometer (MIE Medical Research Ltd,UK)

The Digital Analyser Multi-Myometer from MIE Medical Research Ltd is a dual function dynamometer. It consists of an electronic amplifier with digital display and two transducers

·        Oxycon Spirometer (Jaege Toennies, Medizintechnik mit system, Germany)



·        Sapphire II clinical EMG instrument (Medlec, UK)


      4 channel, emg/ncv,preamplifier, electrical stimulator

·        Neurowerk EEG

 The system provides digital video recording, mobile long term monitoring with the assistance of our ultra light-weight EEG/Polygraphy recorder, bedside monitoring with a miniaturized tablet PC


·        Neurowerk EMG

 The NEUROWERK EMG is a complete 2 or 4 channel neurophysiological measuring system for EMG, NCV and Evoked Potentials for use both in the clinic and in research


·        Neuro MS

Magnetic stimulator for diagnostic and therapeutic stimulation of cerebral cortex motor zones and peripheral nervous system



·        TekScan foot pressure measurement system (mat scan) USA


 Low-profile pressure measurement mat that captures static and dynamic pressure data for foot function and gait analysis, as well as balance, sway and postural data






·        Wagner digital algometer(FPIX)


The Wagner FPIX™ Digital Algometer provides pain diagnostic testing with digital clarity and computer interface for data logging


·        Body Composition Analyzer (Maltron, UK)

Maltron BioScan 916 is both an Impedance and Capacitive analyser and one of the most advance systems calibrated for all age groups, ethnicity including clinical population

·        Hydraulic pinch gauge

The Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge is a piece of medical diagnostic equipment that measures the pinch strength of an individual



·        Treadmill (work leisure,USA)












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